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You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube

Click on the photo to read the NY Times story (free registration required).

You can also read Kevin Rose’s blog post here.

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The hex code key allows folks to run an application that will decrypt the copy-protection key on all HD DVD and Blu-Ray movie discs. What this means is high definition movies will be able to be copied and may even appear on the internet for pirates to download.

What this really means is the movie studios are pissed that their movies are no longer copy protected and are using the DMCA to force people to remove the key code shown above from the internet.

In reality even if someone cracks an HD movie to upload to the internet, how many folks really want to download a 20GB movie to clog-up their network and hard drive? And at a cost of something like $30 for a blank HD disc it's impractical to burn your own pirated movie.

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