Flying for Photos

Erin and Baron in Helicopter
Erin and I got a ride in Chopper Two for an ocean rescue exercise, here we are coming in for a landing at the fire station after the assignment. It was Erin’s first time in a helicopter and I doubt you could keep her from volunteering for future flights. A helicopter is a great platform to shoot photos from and see the island. I had to use my fisheye lens for many photos due to the cramped quarters of the small helicopter.
Erin in Chopper 2
Erin does some reportage as we fly with a pair of lifeguards on the helicopter’s skids heading out to drop them into Kahaluu Bay.
Chopper Two
Our ride. You’ll just have to read the paper to see more photos.

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I saw the photos in WHT and was immediately jealous. Your job is definately more exciting than sitting behind a desk selling ads all day.

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