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Food Fest

You know you want it, a lolipop made out of SPAM. Went to the Mahalo Party at the Hilton where they had plenty of food, wine and martinis. Had some kind of lychee martini that was pretty much like a box juice drink in potency. But there was plenty of food and also music.

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What is that stuff? What ever happened to regular food? Steaks and cheese burgers, potatoes and the like. I admit that lychee martini sounds pretty good. They had those at Starr's wedding.

Actually they had a plate with chicken pot pie (it had a bed of mashed potatos, puff pastry and chicken and gravy) they also had a bowl of seafood with mahimahi, shrimp and other stuff. My favorite was a Foie Gras Saffron Risotto Sphere with baby squash and veggies. The shrimp tempura roll in the video was pretty good too, I'd have to say it out did Teshima's.

No steaks or cheeseburgers. They did have some kind of kabbob but I don't know what was on it, was too busy chatting with folks instead of eating.

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