The town-crier?

A dog has been barking like crazy, roaming the neighborhood since before 3am in Holualoa. Is this dog playing town-crier for an earthquake? There have been temblors this early morning on the other side of the island but could a bigger one be coming?

Check here for the most recent quakes. The dog is still barking, never seen/heard a dog bark like that before, it’s 3:30am, I’m getting my video gear ready.

*Update* Well, no major quakes. The dog may have been reacting to another set of temblors that happened early this morning. I need a nap.

2 replies on “The town-crier?”

Remeber the big noise my dog and cats made on the Oct 15 quake? What noise? So who's to say what that dog was barking about…maybe a cat was teasing him :-)

Maybe this dog was extra temblor sensitive. Maybe it had a flashback to the Oct. 15th quake and freaked out.

Yup, I remember your dog running under the futon when the quake struck. I guess it figured, 'screw warning the humans, I'm gonna duck and cover.'

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