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Hatian food and a hot town

Tap Tap Hatian Restaurant

Hatian food tonight, I’ll spare you the food photo. I’ve never had Hatian food before so I can’t verify how authentic the food was. I had a kingfish with spinach, avocado, rice, beans and plantain patties.

Baron, Therese

Me and Therese at Tap Tap. Therese had the stewed goat which was really good as she let me have some. I give the stewed goat a thumbs-up. The color was really bad in this photo thus the black & white render.

This dude was strumming out some Bob Marley and other reggae tunes at Tap Tap.

South Beach

And I did finally get to have that long walk to work-off some of those rice and beans. Ultra-humid South Beach at night with its neon deco clubs, snail-pace traffic and no breeze. We didn’t hit the clubs tonight, a bunch went salsa dancing the previous night.

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