East Coast Trip…on the Big Island


The ground up view of one of the bridges on the way to Hilo, forgot which one this was but you can see the access road on the mauka side of the bridge as you drive over it.

Boiling Pots

Stopped at Boiling Pots area of the Wailuku River. Yeah, there’s a sign that says no swimming but it’s hard to resist on a beautiful day and calm river waters. Make no mistake as the river can become dangerous with flash floods and such but for this jumper taking the plunge was a delight.

Boiling Pots

Maile hikes towards Pe‘epe‘e Falls on a calm day at a place where the Wailuku River can indeed look like it’s boiling instead of the mirror finish of today.

Maile Yoga

Maile tries some yoga at Boiling Pots.

The East Coast of the mainland is pretty good, but ours is pretty good too.

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