NY Spot News, missed it by 5 days

Jeanne tells me that the Deutsche Bank building, seen in this photo I shot five days ago on the left behind the tall white crane, is on fire today, killed two firefighters and closed off the Ground Zero site shown here. I guess I should consider myself lucky I wasn’t there as I wouldn’t have access from NYPD.

You can read about it on the New York Times website here (registration required) 

Deutsche Bank Building WTC

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What a full trip! It sounds like you had a blast. You had fantastic timing; avoided the fire near Ground Zero AND Hurricane Flossie back home! All of your photos are great captures. When I went to DC in March, there was no water in the reflecting pool by the Wash. Monument. I had a ticket but couldn't go up to the top of the Monument because my claustrophobia kicked in when I saw how crowded the elevator was to get to the lookout! Glad you're back home safe and sound.

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