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New Treo 650 Screen

I replaced my Treo 650 cellphone touchscreen. If you read the earlier post on August  4th you’ll know that I shattered the touchscreen of my Treo, but even with the damaged screen I was still able to use it running GPS navigation, make phone calls, enter information, surf the web, check email, etc. There were only one or two apps I would have liked to use that I couldn’t with the busted screen.

I ordered a new screen via Ebay, $11 including shipping, I got back to Kona yesterday and picked-up my mail today with the new screen. It took about 20 minutes to replace the shattered old touchscreen, it came out in pieces and was busted up pretty well.

Shattered Treo 650 screen

Again, I don’t think I could have done as much with a shattered iPhone and I doubt it would have cost me $11 and 20 minutes to repair.

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