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White Stripes

Okay, Tuesday I was all ready to have tickets bought for the White Stripes concert in Honolulu October 10th but the ticket sales mysteriously disappeared.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser has the answer to the mystery which I kinda already knew from a friend I was going to concert with. They are supposed to bump the concert to a later date and I’ll be making a trip to Honolulu for sure and I’ll have to get my backstage pass too. Their latest album Icky Thump rocks, one of the best albums of the year.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, dude – but I heard on KROQ this very morning (Wednesday, Sept. 12) that the White Stripes are canceling their fall tour. Seems Meg is suffering from "acute exhaustiion." Sorry, man.

She can crash at my place 'til she gets better …

Yup, I heard about the health thing Tuesday morning but was hoping something might change by then since they still had their other concert dates listed.

Nah, she can crash at my place, as long as she leaves the drum kit at home and the drumsticks…ouch!

So, I take it your east coast cold is finally cured?? I just bought Icky Thump on your recommendation, needed some new iTunes to make ringtones out of for my iPhone! I bought this and Avril's new album :-)

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