Missing In Action

Just how long is it going to take Verizon Wireless to release the Palm Treo 755p smartphone? Both Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone are kicking-ass yet it’s been over two years since the release of the Treo 650p on Verizon Wireless. Yeah there’s the 700p which has been a dog of a phone until Palm finally released a proper firmware that past week but that model should be phased-out by now.

My Treo 650p has served me well, has taken a beating and kept on ticking but with almost 3x the memory, 4x the internet speed and ability to use memory cards bigger than 2GB I’m ready to move up to the 755p. But Verizon Wireless won’t release it, Sprint has but not VZW. They even have the fake 755p display phones in the stores but none of the real goods to sell.

Come on Verizon Wireless, my 2 year contract is up and switching to AT&T or Sprint is looking better everday you delay this phone.

Palm needs to get into gear too if they want to continue to compete in the smartphone business. They probably killed their Foleo line of laptop-like computers because rumor has it that Apple is going to come out with a ultra-lightweight laptop. There’s no way the Foleo would be able to compete with that if it’s about the same size and weight.

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