Where locals go for drugs and burgers

Baron Bum

Eddie finds a bum passed out in front of greasy hambuger joint White Cross.

Slots at White Cross

Playing some card games at the greasy burger, sketchy local dive known as White Cross.

Baron 500

The Wheel was good to me at the Excalibur and even better to one of my classmates.

*update: This was short-lived as both of us put money back into the system. Winning isn’t that hard, it’s preventing yourself from putting it back in that is. I’m not too crazy, I think I’m going to end up true to form and break even on my spending, we’ll see.

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I'm sure I was one pull away from hitting the big one.

Like I tell my friends sometimes who blow their money in Las Vegas, "how about you give me your gambling money, I kick you in the nuts, I give you back half the money so you come out farther ahead and learn a lesson not to use money for gambling."

I need to go back, that Megabucks machine is overdue…*ouch*…recovering from kick…

Yep, my classmate won over $1K on the machine behind me about 30 min before my photo was taken at the Wheel of Fortune. Then she won $4K the next night. Something about being drunk and playing with a clear mind, due to the alcohol no doubt.

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