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There’s no trans-fat so it’s healthy, right?

Deep Fried Menu

Why is this man smiling? He probably owns Medtronic stock and is rich over the pacemakers, insulin pumps and cardiac medical products they sell. This is the deep fried food menu at Mermaids and he’s the guy dishing up the greasy grinds.

Deep Fried Twinkie

The infamous Deep Fried Twinkie. Battered, deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and chocolate pieces. I thought it might be a little healthier than the deep fried Oreos or at least easier to eat as I wouldn’t know how to pull a fried Oreo apart to eat the insides before eating the cookie parts.

7 replies on “There’s no trans-fat so it’s healthy, right?”

Of course. It tasted like some mad-scientist experiment crossing an andagi, malasada and doughnut. I would NOT make this a part of a daily diet. I'll try to deep fried Oreos next time.

I went to Las Vegas in July and on our third day thare we found mermaids. i allowed myself one treat on our vacation and It had to be something special and we seen the sign for fried Twinkie. I agreed to it and my husband and i each ordered one. It was so amazing. I loved it. def not something you can eat all the time. But perhaps as a special treat on Vacation.. I cant wait to go back to Las Vegas my special treat will be the trip to Freemont for my friend Twinkie.

Oh I know where those are from! I had 2 orders of the Deep Fried Oreos….best ever! I am heading back to Vegas this July and to be honest, I think I may be there just for the Oreos!

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