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‘You crash, we dash’

The title is what someone on an airport crash & rescue crew said was their slogan.

My plane at San Francisco. We had a little problem with an acrid, burning smell upon take-off, no smoke. The pilot, and passengers, didn’t care for that much so we made a U-Turn and headed back for SFO.

We were met by the SFO crash & rescue crew. So that plane was out of commission, I think we swiped a plane bound for LAX to fly to Kona. Now we wait on the plane, they haven’t loaded the galley on board yet, despite the 2 hour advanced notice.

I think my repaired laptop might make it to Kona before me from Apple.

Latest update is that it was oil that had spilled in the engine by work crews when they changed out the engine the night before, the oil burned, fumes got sucked into the air system. We’re pushing back from the gate now. Laters.

The flight from SFO, the 2nd one, to KOA was uneventful but didn’t get much rest as now it was later in the day and a more crowded plane. My laptop didn’t make it to Kona, probably will tomorrow.

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