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Maui Grinds

Krispy Kreme Pineapple Fritters
Krispy Kreme Pineapple Fritters

Visited Maui for the day and of course one of the first thing you see after leaving the airport is Krispy Kreme donuts. I stopped for the $0.05 cup of coffee of course. Okay, I went touristy and had a pineapple fritter. I’d have to say I prefer the apple fritter at Waikoloa Village Market which has a higher oil content.

More donuts.

I must admit that having a cup of coffee for a nickle and free WiFi this isn’t a bad place to stop in. Take the bench seat facing the kitchen next to the window, there’s a power plug there for your laptop.


Fran's Island Grill Paukiki Chicken
Fran's Island Grill Paukiki Chicken

For lunch I Yelped on my iPhone and found Fran’s Island Grill in Wailuku. I almost went for the chicken carbonara special but decided to try the Paukiki Chicken. This is a marinated, lightly breaded, deep fried chicken breast with a garlic chili dipping sauce, a couple scoops of rice and one of mac salad. Good stuff, not diet food and it takes them 20 minutes to prepare.

Pearl City, Hawaii, United States

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Aloha!Thanks again for driving the boys!

mmmm carbs! You photographed my comfort foods.Actually I can't eat Krispy Kreme anymore, but back in the day…

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