Use strong passwords

I got two messages in the past two days of records been breeched.

Got a letter yesterday from the Blood Bank. They had a computer stolen that had my name, birthdate and last four digits of my Social Security number. They’re advising me to do credit check.

The second notice is from the website ars technica where their userlist got cracked. Luckily the password I use on that site is unique. I don’t use the same password for websites. If you DO use the same passwords for website then crackers can steal one list, get your password and use it for multiple sites.

Yes, it’s a pain in the ass to use different strong passwords for each website but in this day and age you have to do it. I use Splash ID to generate and keep passwords. It an extra step but really it adds less than 30 seconds to retrieve the password for me to use since I can’t remember some 20 character long strong password.

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