Volunteer for a film festival, get a pass worth $350

The Waimea Ocean Film Festival is looking for volunteers. The film pass for volunteers is a $350 value.

We’re asking volunteers to commit to 16 hours for a Film Pass. This pass gets them into all programming excluding the opening and closing events from the 6th to the 9th. It’s unlimited films and speakers. They can also volunteer less hours for a six pack, but we’re generally trying to get everyone engaged in the festival, and 16 hours feels like a good chunk of “ownership.” There’s already a great volunteer culture here, and we’re trying to tap into that to get people really involved in the festival.

We have several roles that we’re still trying to fill. Generally, our shifts are 5-8 hours long. We need ticket takers, people to push “play”, people to direct traffic (basically act as a human scarecrow), and people to manage theaters (make sure things are running according to schedule). There is no real heavy lifting, and some of these positions are seated ones. Also, there are still a few shifts that involve ticket checking at the beginning of films, and then watching all of the films.

Thanks again for helping us get the word out. If anyone wants to volunteer, please get them to give me a call at (970) 412-6404 or email me at

For more info on the film festival go to:

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