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Slo-Mo Optical Flow

I haven’t used Final Cut Studio to its fullest and I’ve been wanting to use Motion to create some slow-motion footage for awhile and luckily there was a pretty easy tutorial posted online (see below).

I shot some footage of surfing at Kawaihae Harbor this week an decided to use it as a test. You’ll see the use of Optical Flow in Apple’s Motion program with the last surfer that starts about 25 seconds into the video above. I don’t often see barrel-rides at Kawaihae Harbor so I thought I’d slow it down to 25% of normal speed. I probably should have gone down to 20%.

It’s back-focused a bit as I grabbed the wrong camera to shoot the video. The Canon 7D screen isn’t as sharp as the 60D. Next time I’ll nail the focus and do more slo-mo footage. Enjoy.

Tutorial on using Optical Flow in Motion below.

Tutorial – Canon 60d 1000fps using Apple Motion instead of Twixtor from CrumplePop on Vimeo.

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