How to get Safari to load tabbed pages in the background in Mac OSX Lion

I use tabs a lot in Safari, like really a lot. So much that I will open over 50 at a time so #2-#50 can load in the background while I’m reading #1.

But with the new Safari v5.1 and Mac OSX Lion that all changed. I’d open the tabs and none of the pages would load in the background. The tabbed pages would only load when it was brought to the foreground. Major problem and I even considered switching to Google Chrome which has its own tabbed pages problem but that’s for another post.

I was ready to give-up on Safari but decided to post to Apple’s community forums. Don’t get me started on the forums as the design and layout of that seems to be going downhill too. But that’s for another post too. Anyway, I got my answer in the forums.

They key is to delete a cache.db file in your User Library folder.

I need to be clear on this because after an upgrade to Lion the default is for the Finder to hide the user’s Library folder to prevent you from messing with it. So to delete that cache.db file you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. While in Finder hold down your Option key and click on the Go dropdown menu and it will add ‘Library’ to the choices. Choose that to open your Library folder.

  2. Quit Safari. Open the Caches folder, then the folder. Move the cache.db file from the folder to the Trash.

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I am sorry but it didn't work for me . I have tried twice the trick. And this issue is very frustratating as It slow my productivity.

Any Guess.?? You are the only one that I have found via google that talked about this pb.

Thank you!!!!

by the way . I am using a brand new macbook air 13 ( lion of course), and i have imported my bookmarks from my old snow leopard 13"" macbook.

no specific extention, everything new and still the pb occurs.

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