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Halemaumau puts on a show for visitors

My visit to Kilauea Caldera Friday evening, April 24, 2015. It gets crowded as people crowd the lookout at the Jaggar Museum to view the lava lake in Halemaumau.

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Where would you rather live?

Been working on assignment for the New York Times, one of the shoots was for a reader favorite feature called ‘What You Get’ which compares properties of similar price tags. How about it folks? Would you rather live in Hawaii, Oklahoma or Maryland? Webpage link:

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We’ll do it live!

I’ve broadcast most of these community lava meetings live from Pahoa via Ustream and our website at It’s a juggling act of equipment and resources to do this live broadcast. The main problem is getting an Internet connection to send out a live video stream. The school’s network is no-good as it’s firewalled preventing […]