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Transmitting via the iPhone without jailbreaking it

I put together a tutorial for my photojournalist friends who want to know how they can transmit images from the field to an FTP server via the iPhone when on assignment.

This is a typical problem for photojournalists. They’re far from a WiFi hotspot, paying for a USB modem is expensive but they need to make their deadlines.

This method doesn’t require the user to hack their iPhone via Jailbreak or other methods. The only extra app you’ll have to buy is FTP On The Go for the iPhone.

This will also work for the iPod Touch if you connect via WiFi with it. So if you don’t want to lug your computer into a hotspot zone you can just carry your iPod Touch.

Here’s the tutorial


What’s in a name? That which we call a journalist. By any other name would spell and tweet.

Bill is rolling over in his grave with that title.

You can see a blog posting by Leslie Wilcox about an email I sent her here along with my comment. And I’ll have you note I never called journalism a ‘hobby.’


The email I sent her was in response to her blog posting here:


Can a non-profit journalism model survive? Ask Leslie, she works for one.