Tutu’s birthday luncheon

Tutu's House 25th Birthday Luncheon at Merriman's
Tutu’s House 25th Birthday Luncheon at Merriman’s

Actually Tutu’s House had their 25th birthday with a fundraising luncheon at Merriman’s in Waimea. I still have to make those Braised Chinese Shortribs (see in the back of the plate) as I have the recipe from Peter Merriman’s cookbook. Mahalo for the generous donations of food items and to Merriman’s to make the luncheon happen. Tutu’s House is a great place and I urge folks to donate and keep this community resource going strong.


What’s in a name? That which we call a journalist. By any other name would spell and tweet.

Bill is rolling over in his grave with that title.

You can see a blog posting by Leslie Wilcox about an email I sent her here along with my comment. And I’ll have you note I never called journalism a ‘hobby.’


The email I sent her was in response to her blog posting here:


Can a non-profit journalism model survive? Ask Leslie, she works for one.