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My latest camera aquisition from St. James Thrift Store. $5 for this puppy…sweet! I’ve got some future plans for this camera.

It’s funny in that I never got into 35mm photography while in high school, way too complicated with all that depth-of-field business and shutter speeds. So I had a Polaroid which allowed me to shoot a photo, chimp it, then take another if I didn’t like it. Kinda like how I do it now with digital.

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Treo 650
Had to do some email today away from my computer. Although this combo seems perfect with fast wireless internet, a bluetooth wireless keyboard and email client it has one problem…me. I type too fast for the bluetooth keyboard to keep up so it drops letters and has some other glitches. If you’re thinking about getting one of these Palm keyboards I’d have to give it a thumbs-down, not ready for prime time yet.

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Dual Personality

Apple Boot Camp
Apple just released Boot Camp for their new Intel Macs that allows you to boot up in either Mac OSX or Windows XP. Jaws must be dropping over at HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, etc as you don’t need them anymore for your Windows hardware. Game over dudes, I expect Apple stock to move up a bit (yes I am an owner).