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iPhone – iChat = Wait and see

So Apple finally unveiled the iPhone, or maybe it’s really called the Apple iPhone since they have that apple logo before the name on their site since Cisco (via Linksys) has an iPhone announced last month. One of the disappointments is that it doesn’t include iChat on the phone. I assume this is so Cingular, […]

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Microsoft Zune released…world yawns.

Microsoft just released their Zune iPod killer player. But as usual they miss the mark. It’s like they’re sitting next to the smartest kid in the room during the SAT and cheating by looking at their answers but purposely answering some questions wrong to not get caught. I mean, if you’re gonna cheat then cheat. […]

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See the Cat? See the Cradle? – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I tried to take a photo with my Canon PowerShot s500 camera and this was the result. A funhouse mirror image except it ain’t so fun. Looks to me like the CCD chip inside the camera is broken or has worked loose somehow. My apologies to the cat. Another shot, this time of something flat. […]