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Dual Personality

Apple just released Boot Camp for their new Intel Macs that allows you to boot up in either Mac OSX or Windows XP. Jaws must be dropping over at HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, etc as you don’t need them anymore for your Windows hardware. Game over dudes, I expect Apple stock to move up a […]


New Tube

Finally got around to getting a new TV. Not a flat panel TV (note that these days flat screen means a CRT TV with a flat screen face while a flat panel TV means LCD or plasma display) but a Toshiba 20″ flat screen with DVD player. I must admit at this point that my […]

music reviews

Cool Music from Canada

Very cool music by Marianne Baker. There’s some rumor that she’s the sister of ‘Lala’ from Tiki Bar TV but her music is great regardless of the celebrity connection. Take a listen to Pretty which is a loose cover of Guns n’ Roses’ Paradise City. Other fun songs are Booty Call and Bad Kitty. The […]

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