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A windy day in Kohala on assignment and later rainy too as you can see from the dark clouds quickly moving in. They have a wind farm at Upolu Point, I shot some video with my compact camera and during the zoomed-in shot they stopped all the wind turbines. They turn the blades to let […]


Keiki Hula

In the bottom of the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel a hula halau gave a free hula presentation with a group a kids. If you love hula this is the week to be in Hilo as there’s plenty of it around.

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Thanksgiving 2005 in South Kona

Some Thanksgiving Day Cams. Click on above image for video. Mike cuts up the Turkey, the ‘real’ turkey, not the Tofukery Travis had for dinner. Travis with all the great food he and especially Peggy put together for Thanksgiving dinner. Joe and Carolyn make an attempt to put a dent into the vast amount of […]