Flood for thought

It was constant rain in North Hawaii today with a downpour coming at about 10am which caused the Waikoloa Stream to overflow. The stream flooded businesses, homes, streets and Waimea Nature Park. The park, as seen in the above photo had the overflowing stream coursing through a grassy area and turned it into a river, it rolled back the grassy lawn like a carpet.

On nice days you can sometimes find me here on Tues or Wed having lunch. It’s a tranquil place to have lunch at a picnic bench in the shade while reading a book. Away from from Waimea town and noise the grassy areas are inviting to spread out a blanket to enjoy the cool temperatures and sun on nice days. Below you’ll find a link to some video I shot during the flooding. It was shot with my Nikon CoolPix 4500 so the quality isn’t that great.

Here’s a frame-grab from some video showing Waikoloa Stream pouring over the Queen Kaahumanu Highway near the Mauna Kea Resort Hotel. The highway was closed and the two cops on the south side were overworked trying to keep the curious at bay trying to get photos or video of the flood. On the north side of the flooded road there were no cops so it was a free-for-all for gawkers, except for the few times the cops on my side got on the PA system to yell to the north.

I forgot the images I shot earlier in the day at the Leprechaun 5K/10K run that I was going to post on this site. So it’ll have to wait until tomorrow and will probably end up below this post since it was shot in the morning. I must be getting old, my memory is failing me.

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