Quentin Tarantino are you listening?

Okay, it’s my day-off, no photos today. But I do have a couple more groups to recommend for music. This time something a bit less jarring than The Kills or Kasabian (hell, I just saw a car commercial with their song Club Foot being used, that was fast).

The Lascivious Biddies have become very popular amongst the Podcast crowd thanks to frequent playing by the Podfather himself Adam Curry. The music is jazzy, the Biddies themselves call the genre Cocktail Pop. Click on the album image and you can go their site where they have some sample MP3s of their songs. I ended up buying their CD Get Lucky after hearing their Smith’s cover of Ask being played on Coverville. The girls in the group have even gotten into podcasting themselves which makes for interesting listening.

The Dansettes are another group of girls (okay, they’ve got guys in the band backing the singers) with some music I hadn’t heard before Podcasting. Click on the image of the gals to get to their website. Funny, when I listen to their music (they have three MP3 samples online) and close my eyes I can see a Quentin Tarantino movie set to the music. They have the typical kind of retro-hip sound Tarantino loves to score in the background as some blood-letting mayhem is ready to happen. Give them a listen I think you’ll agree. The song Bottoms Out played by the guys in the band is very cool. I don’t think they have a CD out yet.

Actually both have music that I could see in his movies.

I think I’ve been reading too much about Tarantino and his movies lately. But hey, if you know Quentin, clue him in…tell him you heard it mentioned here first.

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