R.I.P. Bob Krauss

Longtime Honolulu Advertiser writer Bob Krauss passed away on September 10th and his service was today on Oahu. I interned as a staff photographer at the Honolulu Advertiser and worked with Bob a few times and it was always great to talk story with him.

I had asked him what his most memorable story/assignment was while at the ‘Tiser and immediately he said it was being sent to Vietnam during the war. Bob said, “I was in a foxhole, covered with mud with bugs crawling up my ass.” He said photographers like Take Umeda (T. Umeda in his photo credits) also went to Vietnam to cover the war with him amongst other staff members. He said this while laughing as he relived the memory and shook his head in a slight disbelief that he had done that.

If you’ve enjoyed his writing you would have enjoyed shooting the breeze with Bob, I was lucky enough to have had a few opportunities to do that.

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