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Circulation Game

Took my dad’s car to the McKinnley Car Wash since the windows were getting kind of grungy, what is that foggy film that always develops on the inside of car windows?

Free Star-Bulletin
The first thing I see before even entering the hall of the car wash office, where they sell candy, drinks and newspapers, is a rack of free Star-Bulletin papers. The two papers in Honolulu have been battling it out for readership. Hard to argue with a free paper when you’re waiting for your car to be washed.

Inside is the Tiser for 50 cents.

MP3 not
And at the William-Sonoma I saw what I thought was an MP3 music player at first, then I looked closely. Hope people got their glasses on when they rip open their presents on Christmas or they’ll be disappointed that instead of listening for tunes they’ll be in charge of cooking.

And finally, if you’re planning on robbing my family’s restaurant you might want to check the back parking lot first to see who’s eating there.

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