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Bum Rush The Charts

Mine Again

Speaking of iTunes, Thursday on March 22nd podcasters and bloggers are trying to see if our collective effort can push a single iTunes song to #1 on Apple’s charts. Bum Rush The Charts (see the fist logo on the right) talks about what they’re doing.

The song they are pushing is Mine Again by Black Lab. So if you like music and stickin’ it to da man then Bum Rush The Charts Thursday.

*UPDATE* For those of us who participated in BRTC we made history. We pushed the song from nowhere to #11 on the iTunes Rock Singles chart! We even cracked the top 100 overall getting in at #99 in the USA. We stuck it.

iTunes Rock Charts
US: 11
Canada: 10
Netherlands: 2
Germany: 12
Sweden: 7
Portugal: 31
UK: 71
Australia: 35
Austria: 35
Denmark: 40
Finland: 42
Ireland: 54
Italy: 30
New Zealand: 56
Norway: 23
Switzerland: 42

2 replies on “Bum Rush The Charts”

Good job, but it's hard to outnumber all those idiots downloading garbage such as Mellencamp's "This is our Country."

I feel like I was part of history.

On another topic…I don't appreciate Da Mayor knocking a fellow American and Hoosier, John Mellencamp. I just picked up "This is our Country" Saturday.

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