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Having a blast

Brendan Guitar

Diane’s son Brendan on the geetar. I taught him a couple of White Stripes riffs and a Green Day song so he got to practicing to get ready for a family reunion soon. Supposedly he has a cousin with an electric guitar, I told him play “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” by the White Stripes loud with lots of distortion and he should be fine.

Brendan and Matt

Brendan and his friend Matt as we’re at Kennedy Space Center for the shuttle liftoff.


Here I am in the long line to get into the 3-D IMAX movie about the International Space Station as we were at KSC early before the launch. Even though the line is indoors it’s hot and humid in there with all those people in there and doors opening letting the little bit of cool air out.

Diane Photo

Diane tries to get a snap of Brendan and Matt checking out the girls at the space center.

Shuttle Launch

And here’s the shuttle going up. We had a good view as it took-off right in that gap between the trees. He had only a vague idea of what direction to look for the take-off. You could really hear it roar up and it went pretty fast. The reason this photo is so late on the take-off is that I shot video, shaky video. I’ll have to edit it and post it here.

NASA Pinch

I tried to grab a souvenir off the building on our way out of NASA. If you’re ever going to Florida check the NASA website and see if they have a launch scheduled, you’ll have to get your tickets way in advance and on launch day you’ll have to deal with traffic but if you grew up during the space-race like me seeing a launch is a real treat.

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