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Bringing the best out of the iPhone with the Beastgrip

Got a new iPhone tripod mount and I have to say it’s the best out of the four I’ve used. It’s called the BeastGrip and can accomodate just about any smartphone, not just iPhones, so you won’t have to worry about obsolesence with the design.

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Facebook designers listen-up, a little drop shadow goes a long way

Facebook pushed upon its users a number of design changes. A new Timeline, condensed commenting and other things some of which I’m okay with, some are bothersome, others I hate. One thing I hate is how they recently decided to display a users photos. It doesn’t feel right. See examples below.

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iTunes Mis-Match

iTunes Match service has a long way to go in working out the bugs. Take a look at the album art it downloaded to my computer for a Jimi Hendrix album. Poor Gomer never saw it coming, seems a lot of people have been getting his album cover instead of Jimi’s. Check out the brutal […]

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