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I ran an ‘optimization utility’ today on this blog, it seemed to go fine in the WordPress Dashboard but then I visited the website and *poof* the entire site of posts, pages, comments and links were gone. It was almost like a brand new WordPress site install.

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Magic Lantern for Canon 60D FW 1.0.9

Looks like the Magic Lantern firmware hack for the Canon 60D has been posted for Firmware version 1.0.9 here This is an alpha version (really early software, before even beta) of the software hack, hope they can move it along as the Canon 60D really needs some of its features like: on screen audio meters […]

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Developing WordPress plugins

Geek-talk ahead I put together my first WordPress plugin and was going to submit it to the plugin repository but on second thought I decided not to because: You have to jump through a few hoops to install it You have to continue jumping through a few hoops to maintain it I may lag in […]