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Slo-Mo Optical Flow

I haven’t used Final Cut Studio to its fullest and I’ve been wanting to use Motion to create some slow-motion footage for awhile and luckily there was a pretty easy tutorial posted online (see below). I shot some footage of surfing at Kawaihae Harbor this week an decided to use it as a test. You’ll […]

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Adios Adobe

(non-photo geeks may want to skip over this post) Adobe has released their Camera Raw 4.6 plug-in for Macs and Windows versions of Photoshop CS3. This plug-in allows CS3 (aka Photoshop v10) to open the latest RAW files from new digital cameras. The problem is that Adobe says 4.6 is the last update to Camera […]


Wot Dat?

I made it and it shall be known as Frogasurus. Make your own via the creature creator from You’ll need a pretty hefty graphics card and cpu to have fun with the trial app.