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It’s a Google World

Okay, Google has a search engine, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Earth, etc.

Google Labs
But if you delve into Google Labs you’ll find that they now have spreadsheets , a word processor, a webpage design application, the list goes on and on.

I would think that if I were someone like Microsoft, I wouldn’t be happy. There are now plenty of alternatives to Microsoft Office and this is just another blow to that piece of bloatware. I used to own Microsoft Office, I always hated it so I sold it and I’ve never looked back.

*UPDATE* The latest word is that Google is thinking about buying YouTube. Any big company would have to be crazy to buy this money-pit. They provide tons of server space, tons of bandwidth and tons of videos that break copyright laws. Nobody is really suing for copyright violation yet since YouTube isn’t making any money, but if moneybag Google takes over the copyright attorneys will have a field day going for their deep pockets.

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