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Is there a capacitor car in your future?

Capacitor CarSo forget about combustion engine cars that have all those moving parts to go wrong (and parts suppliers to get rich when they wear out) and the pollution. An electric car with a capacitor instead of a battery seems the way to go. It recharges in 5 minutes and can drive 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity. And of course electricity is the ultimate flex-fuel to power cars since you can generate it from oil, wind, sun, otec, hydrogen, etc. A company called EEStore is keeping things kind of hush-hush on the project.

Sounds great and hopefully we will see the fruition of this. But I’m wondering…if a significant number of people start driving electric cars, where will the funds come from to upkeep our highways? Right now we have gasoline taxes but if you don’t use gas what then? Plus you’d see recharge stations everywhere since you won’t need to dig a deep hole in the ground to put gasoline storage tanks. Maybe big parking garages with metered rechargers?

And most of all, when it’s recharging will it let out a deafening whine like some gigantic flash unit charging up to fire?

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