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Oh, so ono

A going away lunch for Travis at Quinn’s. Once again, fresh ono for lunch. Brian?

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Damnit! That fuckin' ono!

I remember when Travis took the city editor job, the over-under for him staying there was two years. And I see a lot of new faces around that table.

I can't blame Travis for going for more money, but damn! From journalist to Republican speech writer – talk about hitting the dark side!

Seriously, pass on my congrats to Travis …

I don't know anyone there…(except Rick). Is the job still open? Tell Reed I want it! (And then you and I could go to Quinn's for lunch, like always!) Our newspaper gang here goes to a place next door called the WonderBar. It's a little Irish place, very cute and they have good cold Smithwick's that are perfect after deadline day.

Actually I think the ono fish 'n chips at Kona Canoe Club is even better. A lighter beer-batter there for their fish, real tarter sauce and the place actually has a view.

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