Back on the Keto wagon

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Behold the Cauliflower Cheese Jalapeno Muffins which are low carb and gluten free.

I’ve decided to go back on the ketogenic diet as I’ve gained too much weight. So on Sunday (Dec 20) I went on a fat fast for four days. Hardcore to get into ketosis quickly. I ate five 1 oz. servings of Mac Nuts for four days and was totally into fat burning ketosis. I also can’t stand the sight of Mac Nuts for awhile.

I had lost six pounds total in one week. Most of this is water weight of course as the most of the glucose in my body holding onto the water is gone. Ketostix also confirms I’m in ketosis. So now I’m back to eating healthy which means eliminating empty carbs like sugar, wheat, etc. I’m not suffering though as the muffins above are delicious even if you aren’t doing keto. I’ve had Flax French Toast and bacon for breakfast and good bacon and turkey sandwiches (using homemade flax buns). Also made a batch of Maple Scones so yeah, I’m not suffering.

A photo posted by Baron Sekiya (@mediabaron) on

Turkey and Bacon Sandwich on Flax Buns. About 2g net carbs.

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